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Cold Turkey!

Morning Groovas!

I have not written for a couple of weeks for a few reasons. I am packing up to move yet again, working far too hard and dah dah  daahhh have left the internet dating sites!  OMFG you did what?  What’s going on?  Have I finally thrown in the towel and bought my crazy cat lady starter kit?  Am I out of my mind?  None of the above.  After the enlightening week of the fwb offers I decided that I really needed to just stop.  I was, in the words of my judgmental friend ‘jaded’.  I had auditioned enough and been on enough dates that were tougher than job interviews and much less engaging then a visit to the gynaecologist to decide that I needed some peace and quiet.

I am currently pursuing employment more to my liking here in the capital and what with writing interminable ‘selection criteria’, planning the novel which could take longer than a child to gestate at this pace and just plain working I really did not want to waste my precious downtime on douchebags.  So, I deleted my profiles and left a couple of messages to some guys I was already talking to and bid farewell.  I actually feel a sense of relief and peace.

This does not mean that I have now settled in to watching SBS foreign film wearing a food stained dressing gown whilst drowning my sorrows in vodka tempting though this is.  Nope, it means I am concentrating on other areas of my life at the moment.  I really want that legal or policy job in the public service. I worked damn hard to get my legal qualifications and want to use them.  I also want to try and write an interesting novel that other people may one day recommend to their friends.  

Isn’t it strange how a change of mindset changes one’s whole perspective?  After having this epiphany I decided that whomever I meet next will just have to like it or lump it.  Admittedly over the past year I have tried to be accommodating to men and their baggage. I have been understanding and willing to make excuses for their bad manners and lack of care or attention. However, as I am much more accepting of my single status and quite frankly don’t care what they think it has given me the freedom to do and say what I like. This doesn’t mean I have completely lost what little social filter I have but it means that I am not looking for any kind of approval or validation for my existence.

It is at this conjecture that I have actually met an interesting prospect.  Now, I am not going to discuss it in any great length here for the following reasons:

1. Whenever I have written anything about anyone that I thought may become positive here, it has been like the ‘kiss of death’ and literally within minutes it has been over;

2. We have only seen each other twice. Albeit it has been fun but this does not mean I am eloping to Gretna Green or Las Vegas anytime soon;

3. Don’t want to actually analyse anything at the moment.  The trouble with me is that I think too hard and don’t always live in the moment and that is something that I am trying to rectify;

4. I know he is reading this as I speak and feel that I need to maintain some mystery (Ha! You didn’t see that coming now did you eh?)

So, I will be taking a little hiatus to sort out some practical and personal details in my life for a couple of weeks or so and then who knows what I will be up to. 

Like sands through an hourglass, so are the days of my life lol!

Until next time, stay safe

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More intelligent.

I have had this comment SO many times its not funny. I think because I am blonde they expect me to be stupid and then they find out the truth and get all intimidated! If any man is intimidated by my intelligence then it’s time to say – NEXT!


Let me clear up one mystery of the mythology of Woman. When we’re little, around 7 or 8 years old, we discover we fall into a category: we can be pretty, or we can be smart. Sometimes, life chooses for us. Other times, it’s a conscious choice we make that shapes the entirety of our lives. But never, never can a girl be both.

More intelligent than I thought

Oh wait. That’s pure and utter bullshit.

Thanks, guy. I’m glad you came in with low expectations!

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You’re so selfish.

Just another vignette from my life! This interlude occurred last year and needless to say this guy has been deleted. He behaved particularly despicably and I also suspect that he was cheating on a wife or girlfriend. So, coming to a sexual health clinic near you! I hope he gets a nice, big benzylpenicillin shot in the arse for all his troubles.


In a truly committed relationship, it’s important to be selfless…


Wait a minute. What?! How can he expect anyone to actually fall for that? And yet, why do I imagine someone has?

Listen. In a relationship, it’s important to be selfish. It should be a relationship with someone you want. He or she should treat you the way you want. And you should behave like the person you want to be in relationship. And if the person you want to be happens to not be diseased and pregnant, then you know this guy is full of crap.

…What if she replied with, “Actually, I’m protecting you, since I have syphilis.”

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