Social intercourse with multiple partners lol!

Morning fellow travelers

Whilst my luck in the big city appears on one level to have hightailed it to the other side of the continent, I have had a rather pleasant week.  Of course work is always there to impede one’s social progress, however despite completing six shifts in a row I did manage three dates.  I went for coffee and brunch on friday with one guy who seems quite nice and must I say very tidy. Weirdly enough, we knew the same crew from Cairns which is about 3 days drive from here.  We exchanged numbers and maybe might catch up again.

I had my seventh shift cancelled on Saturday, so did a bit of retail therapy before heading over to Quirky’s.   We went out for dinner and headed back to his to imbibe several wines whilst impressing each other with our musical taste on YouTube.  The place looked like we had had a huge party after he accidentally broke the couch and then had to dismantle it lol!  Amongst all of this we did actually sit and talk as usual about a variety of subjects. That is one thing that I do like about him is that our conversation can be totally unpredictable.  We were having a conversation and I asked him what in his opinion is the difference between dating and friends with benefits as I won’t do the latter?  His reply was that dating had potential whereas FWB is stagnant and will never evolve. Mmmm file that one away for future reference.  This point was interesting to me as in the past I had fell for this arrangement thinking that the person involved would eventually see how wonderful I was. So, if from the beginning they knew that they would never pursue a relationship with you and that you were just something to bide the time with, either you had to think the same from the outset with them and thereby not care at all if you never progress or a bunch of hurt was heading your way. In my past this had occurred and as I obviously did not study the Rules of Engagement properly, I did get truly burned.

After a breakfast coffee, I headed back to mine to get ready for a picnic by the lake with Huggy Bear.  Before you ask why I picked this name I have to say that Movember brings out the 70s porn star in most blokes lol!  I got ready listening to Lana Del Rey and praying that the weather would hold.  HB turned up promptly to pick me up which I did rate. My biggest pet hate behind someone being a cheating, lying scumbag is not being punctual. I feel if you cannot turn up on time for your first date it shows disrespect and probably sets the tone for the whole time you are with someone.

We drove out to the lake whereby we got down to having a really great chat and a lovely picnic.  To be honest I haven’t had a picnic in a long time and this guy did give me five options to chose from for the date.  Kudos to him I say!  We are the same age (well he is 3 weeks older), share the same star sign and have both been married twice.  Thus we have a congruent background to come from.  Where we differ is that he has children.  I have never dated anyone with children before (other than the Canadian but his was an older teenager in Canada that I never met so I don’t think that counts).  We were on the same page about a variety of things and talked a lot about ourselves.  I think he was relieved that I was not interested in meeting his children and wouldn’t push for it unless there was a serious relationship.  As a child of divorce myself, I do not think that children should have a parade of ‘partners’ through their lives and unless a parent meets someone that potentially will become part of the family the children should be protected.  After several hours by the lake we went for a drink at Honky Tonks and then he drove me home.  As I got out of the car we decided we would like to catch up again and he gave me a kiss goodbye.  Scratchy porn star tash lol!

After I got inside I received a call from a guy that I hear from maybe once a year (or once every second year!) about this time of year.  I met him at a xmas party a few years back in another town. He is one of the most incredibly smart guys I have ever met.  That is a big turn on for me. I love an intelligent guy. He is very capable in his work life but incredibly shy in his private life.  In fact, initially I didn’t click as to who he was.  I don’t know about you guys but who keeps numbers they don’t ring in their phone for years? I know I don’t. I do a regular cull. We talked for an hour.  He is doing well and has moved to Brisvegas.  As I have just put in for a job there, maybe we will catch up again?  He definitely needs a bit of the Jojogrrl sparkle in his life.  All work and no play is incredibly boring but he is a little young for me to take seriously.  I have a line that any guy who is more than five years younger than me is not a serious contender for a relationship.  That way I can’t get hurt.  It is only the guys in my age bracket of five years either side that can do any potential damage.  So I am very vigilant about my feelings with them.

I don’t particularly want to move again.  I really like my place and am starting to get a bit of a life down here BUT I don’t want to nurse forever and I need a legal job.  Unfortunately the government has put a freeze on hiring and I just don’t have any experience in private practice to get a chance there.  I have applied to go to Brisvegas for a six month job which could lead to something more. I have met some guys down here that I like which could potentially kill that off but what do I do?  Do I stay here and hope the freeze is lifted and work as a nurse for longer (and at the moment who knows how long that could be?) or do I take another chance and move again?  Decisions, decisions!  Anyway, will cross that bridge if I get offered anything.

In the meantime, I was working in the Emergency Department last night and got talking to one of my patients who gave me a contact for some legal work in a department.  Nothing may be there until the new year but it is something. So, dear people, send all your positive thoughts my way that something good will turn up in the new year.  In the meantime, its just over three weeks until I go away for Xmas and the silly season is almost upon us.  With all the partying and drinking to come I can see the potential for all sorts of mischief lol!

With that in mind, until next time stay safe

The Jojogrrl

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