Things that make you go umm?

Evening readers,

Tonight’s morsel commences with last weekend as I have been exceedingly busy and tired this week.  Why?  You ask?  Well, my usual shift work can be tiring but  for the first time since 2011 I not only did a night shift but it was a double. I worked from 1300 tuesday until 0700 wednesday then went back at 1700-2130.  I shouldn’t moan as no one made me do it but as the hospital keeps cancelling my sunday penalty shifts I really needed the money and so the cycle of industrial whoredom commences lol!

So, last friday I went to Trinity to see my DJ friend in action.  He put my name on the door and I started the evening with a cosmo chatting to him.  He’s a really nice guy who I hope will be a great friend as he has a girlfriend.  I write that with a tinge of sadness as lots of great guys seem to have girlfriends or are gay but there you go.  Anyway, Quirky turned up so there was several more cosmos imbibed before he drove my car back to his as we were closer to his place than mine.

I left on Saturday and went and did the Saturday things and boring house stuff.  Who wears all this stuff?  I swear to God someone is coming in and wearing my clothes because I just don’t know when I find the time to dirty so much stuff.  Saturday night was on and I was going out to dinner with Quirky.  I got dressed and headed to his place and as usual he was nowhere near ready as he had fallen asleep on the couch.  He had already had a couple of drinks so I had one to catch up and then off we went. We wandered around drinking until we went to a Mexican restaurant in Civic.  It was really nice food but they took ages to feed us.  We talked about all sorts of things and this is what I really like about his company. I never know what we will discuss.  We ended up drinking far too much for either of us to drive so we got a cab to his.  The next morning I had to do the walk of shame in my last night clothing and birds nest hair.  Thank God for sunnies in the car.  I raced home to get ready for work only to get cancelled!  Damn!! That was a lot of money that I have missed out so now I have to cancel a date for Friday and work it back.  I got hold of Quirky and he came over for dinner.  We had dinner and watched Clerks which is an oldie but a goodie and he left as he had a course to go to in the morning.

I didn’t plan for a whole weekend in his company. Is this odd? We like each other and get along really well so I suppose we just have to hang out for a bit and see what happens. It is really difficult because I like to define my relationships and I have no definition for this.  Is it a relationship?  Is it a friendship or a friends with benefits-ship?  I just don’t know.  I do know that he was not happy when I said I couldn’t see him the following weekend as I have dates.  He hadn’t asked me so I had already booked myself out. Whilst he is being all cool with my multidating it would be nice to see that he didn’t like it or maybe he isn’t that bothered and by me dating others he doesn’t have to develop anything with me?  God! I don’t know! Life as an adult is TOO confusing!

I popped out to his after work on wednesday for a wine and some chocolate after my mega shift and an extra four hours. I was tired so it was nice to have a wine and a whine and some sympathy.  I think I slept the sleep of the dead! I was actually more tired on Thursday then on Wednesday.  Thursday was a bit of a downer for me. I received FIVE reject letters from the public service as all hiring is frozen indefinitely.  This will mean that I am now nursing indefinitely!  I now have a student loan to repay for a degree that is useless to me and I am back to square one! I have to admit I am a little heartbroken.  I have sacrificed much to obtain these qualifications.  This is a dark period in my life.  Most people have either a job, a partner or both to make their lives happy and I have neither. I do not want to remain single forever but it just seems I can’t catch an even break.

Friday, I ended up working in Emergency which was busier than a one legged man in an arse kicking contest.  At one point I received a patient from the watch house complete with plain clothes police escort. He appeared to be fitting so I went to get some doctors.  My boss came over and asked me to take a patient to another ward and have a tea break finally!  So, off I go.  Whilst I was away all hell breaks loose! When the boss tries to remove this guy’s cardigan he tries to throw an IV pole at her and a monitor so one of the nice plain clothes police go to pepper spray him and end up getting most on my boss!  The patient next door is a respiratory patient so he needs moving and with all the spray half of the department has also got to move. We had cops all over the joint! All I can say is thank God I wasn’t there as I have been coughing all week due to a low level cold which has kicked off some residual inflammation in my airways from being exposed to mycoplasma pneumonia years ago. YAY!

After all that excitement I headed to the Kennedy Room in Kingston for a bevvie or ten with the girls from work.  We were having a going away for one of the ICU staff and there were a lot there.  I started with an espresso martini, followed by a tequila redbull and a couple of vodka, lime and sodas.  We talked and danced and got kicked out at stumps.

I had a brunch with a great girlie friend of mine and then time to get ready for my date with interstate guy.  This guy got talking to me last week and as he lives about three hours away asked if he could take me out to dinner.  I was very flattered that someone would want to drive a six hour round trip to have dinner with me.  Anyway, he turned up a little early and I wasn’t quite dressed. He was really nice and we talked quite easily.  I navigated our way to a bar on the other side of the city called the Ha Ha Bar where we sat and had a couple of drinks and talked about life, the universe and everything.  We then went on to dinner.  We had a really great dinner at Ellecure and talked about all manner of things. He has to come through Canberra on occasion for work so we could catch up in the future. He was married and has children which shows that he can sustain a relationship with a woman and was genuine and appeared interested. He also gave me some interesting career advice…so watch this space I may do something completely out of the ordinary lol!

He drove me back to the humungous house and bade me farewell at the door.  There was none of the awkward are you coming in stuff which I really appreciated.  I thought he was interesting and interested but I don’t know about tricky long distance things. I just won’t do it.  We may catch up again but not necessarily this year due to work and his kids and Xmas etc.  I came in and rang my mother straight away so she would know I hadn’t been abducted by a serial killer.

In a week that has seen me out all last weekend with Quirky, doing six shifts in five days and then going out all weekend so far I haven’t done too badly.  Admittedly I am stuffed!  I have either a low grade cold or hayfever and I am still as poor as a church mouse but at least I am getting amongst it.  Where do I get the energy?  I have no idea.  I am like a hamster on a wheel I just keep going.   This week I have had other conversations and offers to ponder.  This is good in one way as I have choices.  I do not have to settle for the company of one person or any person. Is so much choice good?  Does this aid in making a good choice or just confuse you so much that you can’t make a choice at all?  I don’t know!  I have never been the popular girl and have never really dated before much less dated in the heroic manner of recent times.

Regardless of how a date goes I appreciate it. I appreciate meeting a diverse group of men.  I hope that some will become friends even if we are not romantically attracted as one can never have too many friends. However, at the moment with time being so scarce if I am spending time with someone then they are to my mind worth currently exploring.  I am not wasting what small amount of time I have available to meet someone on guys I don’t think are in the running.  Thus, as the year draws to a close I am honing my skills and listening to my gut instinct in order to come back brighter next year.  The tide has to turn but in the meantime a girl has to have a hobby.

Until next time, stay safe

The Jojogrrl

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