Jojogrrl and the dragon!

Evening funsters,

I thought I had better get this week down on paper as I have been quite the busy beaver.  After having dinner with the Quirky guy the Saturday before last, I then had a packed day last Tuesday which commenced with a walk with the engineer, brunch with some old friends and then a drink with one of the guys who responded to my add for a mail order groom followed by movies with the group and the engineer. 

This drink on a tuesday afternoon was with another prospective beau who had stumbled across my writings whilst obviously working hard within his government employment.  We met for a drink at the Treehouse which advertised it was open from 12-12 but it lied! So, I was loitering out the front awaiting his arrival.  Thus we toddled down to Kingo’s which is a slightly worn pretend Irish pub.  We sat and chatted for approximately 2 hours and agreed that we should catch up again. Unfortunately, due to our crazy schedules it looks like it won’t be until next month. Ahh well watch this space…

I then headed up to the movies and met up with the engineer.  We sat with one of my friends and watched 2 Guns.  I liked it though the flagrant chicken abuse was a bit much to take.  I dropped the engineer home and went home myself to get a good night’s sleep as I was meeting another for coffee in the morning.  I awoke and was off to have coffee with Mr Smooth.  I have to say he has definite people skills and must be quite good at his profession.  The time flew as we talked and laughed and made plans to catch up again (in fact as I write this we have been on the phone for about an hour and a half!) 

Thursday came and I went to work.  I checked my messages and had simultaneous message conversations with the traveler, quirky guy and Mr Smooth.  Talk about keeping me on my toes!  It’s quite challenging to make sure that you message the right person the right reply when you are having three different conversations at once!  I then headed over to visit the quirky guy for a drink. We had some wine and I find we have lots to talk about.  In the morning he made me a coffee without poisoning me and I left for home in my zebra skin dressing gown in the commuter traffic of Canberra.  I am sure there were several people on the buses that were at the lights with me that were quite amused.  When I got home I had a little disco nap before packing to go to Dragon Dreaming!

Dragon dreaming was what is known in Australia as a ‘bush doof’.  This is a music festival that features mainly psytrance, drum and base as well as a variety of other electronica.  I drove out towards Wee Jasper listening to my old Gatecrasher cds with the sun top on my car down.  It was a fantastic day for driving!  It took me about 2 hours to get there. I had to drive through some scary roads that were close to the edges of the hills and not much more than dusty tracks to finally get to the dreaming site.  It was on the bank of a river.  There were three stages Fire, Air and Earth as well as a wellbeing area (Water).  I pulled in, grabbed a drink bottle which I filled with a good shot of vodka and some red bull and headed to the Air stage.

Air stage had some really cool music playing.  There was a guy sitting near the middle of the dance floor on a chair listening in.  As there were not many people around I decided to strike up a conversation.  It transpired that he was a DJ from Canberra, about my age and appeared to enjoy my type of music.  We had a really great conversation and then Matilda and the Lazygardener (LG) arrived!  We set up our tents and went back to listen to some more great stuff.  I changed into my zebra skin dressing gown and beret to make a real fashion statement and to keep warm.  Around oneish I went to bed wrapped in said zebra, thermals, furry blankie, sleeping bag, beret and socks.  I was still cold!!  I curled into a ball and tried not to move and managed to give myself a sore hip but eventually the heavy drum beat put me to sleep.

I woke up on Saturday morning like a woman on a mission.  I dressed in a tie dyed hippy Indian style skirt and tshirt and headed out to the market for coffee. Matilda and LG were not up yet.  I coffeed up and  headed back to Air. There was this great trio on who were playing live.  I was dancing next to this crazy Canadian chick who was going to be an airhostess. She introduced me to a crew from Canberra, who then passed me to some strange Israeli dudes who then introduced me to a fabulous garbologist.  Each of these groups imparted various types of wisdom on me.  I felt like Alice going down the rabbit hole.  I met such interesting people!  After my own personal odyssey I went back to camp and met up with Matilda and LG.

The afternoon blended into the night in a blur of music and partying!  The opening ceremony was happening at Fire Stage and the music was going off!  There were all sorts of people there.  As I crossed the bridge there were a herd of zebra with a dragon and a fairy followed by a couple of lions.  It was all about the music. I am not completely au fait with all genres but most of what I heard I liked.  At one point I went back to Air and lay on a hay bale looking up at the stars.  It struck me that even though I was not with a significant other it didn’t matter because even if I was our journeys whilst simultaneous are different.  I also lay there actually thinking about my life whilst listening to the tunes and I actually felt content.   I realise now that I may not actually have a significant other in my life and I am ok with that.  I also am of the realisation that the only person I can rely on to love and care for me is me and I am ok with that too.  I don’t want to settle for just someone to warm my bed at night and be present in my life, I want someone to be a presence and to ‘get’ me and that is hard to find.  Not impossible but  I am slowly coming to accept that it may not happen.  I am also profoundly grateful for the richness that my friends – the family I chose bring to my life.  Amazing, the realisations one can come to at a bush doof eh?

I crashed with Matilda and LG in their tent as I was too bloody cold in my own. I left them to sleep in the morning and went off to have a little read in the sun.  When they got up I went with them to listen to LG do a permaculture talk in the Water tent.  It was very interesting to hear about how we can help the land to produce more by observing what grows and picking plants that are within the same and similar genres.  There was a lot of information to take in and even though I am not a gardener I found it quite interesting from a scientific point of view.

We then grabbed the silky blanket and headed to Fire Stage to lay in the sun and listen to some amazing psytrance.  Terafractyl was playing and it was awesome.  I had a little snooze under a tree and then bumped into the guy from the first day.  We hung out and he said he was playing a set and then leaving.  He then tempted me with talk of warm showers and maccas burgers.  I decided that he would make a fantastic seeing eye guide out of the place and that if he was off, so was I.  We listened to some really amazing stuff.  There was the psychedelic cat girl and electric guitarist who were really great and played for about an hour and a half before my friend.  He played a bit of eurotrance before throwing in what he calls ‘handbag house’.  A very good rendition of the Eurythmics ‘Sweet Dreams’ and Kylie’s ‘Can’t get you outta my head’ where her voice was toned and slowed to sound like a guys was fabulous. 

Eventually, all good things came to an end and as careflight and the cops arrived to move a patient to hospital, my friend and I left. I followed him through the farmer’s fields and the winding road that leads to Yass.  There were some brown trouser moments I must say!  We eventually got to Yass and headed to Maccas.  We were still in our doof clothes. I was wearing Matilda’s K-Mart Mountain Skank waistcoat, furry scarf, knitted gauntlets and beret.  Whilst we were eating the cops arrived took one look and moved away. I think we probably didn’t smell too good either!

I got home about 0200 and grabbed my washbag, went inside without unpacking the car, showered and collapsed into my nice warm bed.  When I got up, I did three loads of washing and watched Breaking Bad before heading out to dinner with the Quirky guy.  It is funny in that we do like each other but we are both far too cautious to fully dive into anything.  We can share some wine and talk about a plethora of subjects from Icelandic electronica to ex girlfriends who want to be friends with benefits but we are steadfastly not going to examine our dating too closely and for that I say I am grateful.  Quirky guy knows I multidate and also reads the blog (Hi lol!) but until we really have an idea as to what we feel and I for one, find him interesting and I like him but I haven’t settled anything else in my mind, we are just not going there.  I don’t want to create any pressure where none is required. I know he likes me and enjoys my company but I don’t think he knows what he wants either so it is pointless to try and guide the situation towards an end game that neither of us have settled on.

So, more coffee and a farewell and back home to complete the tidy up from the weekend and a bit of telephone tag with Mr Smooth before work.  I also received an email from my Tuesday afternoon drinking beau (TADBeau) who wants to secure a date next week.  Thus, on the horizon is drinks with people from work on this friday, dinner with quirky guy on saturday night, drinks with Mr Smooth on either wednesday or saturday and a friday night date with TADBeau.  All I can say, this dating lark is like another full time job without decent pay and superannuation but is turning out to be quite a ride!

Until next time, dear readers, stay safe!

The Jojogrrl


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2 thoughts on “Jojogrrl and the dragon!

  1. choosing your watch November 24, 2013 at 10:51 am Reply

    Very nice write-up. I certainly love this site. Keep writing!

    • jojogrrl November 25, 2013 at 11:39 am Reply

      Thank you for the feedback. It’s nice to know that other people are also going through similar issues. Feel free to contact me about any issues you are facing. I would like this site to be more interactive with my readers.

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