50 first dates!

Evening groovers!

I have just had a little dating marathon.  Is three dates in a 24 hour period excessive?  I think not lol!  I have stepped up the campaign a little because…well because I can!  Initially when I decided to go online I was looking for ‘the one’ and whilst that is important to me because lets face it we all want to be with the person in life that totally gets us I have now decided that dating online is like a smorgasbord in that there is the opportunity to try dishes one would normally pass up.  Who knows, I may just acquire a taste for something I never thought I would like.  So, with that in mind I not only wrote to a few guys off one site who appeared at least on paper to be compatible but I also decided to chat with a variety of others from another site and just see where it led.

Within 24 hours of being on the second site I had about half a dozen guys sending me messages.  This number increased exponentially.  It got to the point where I could flick some just on the basis of them not having a pic, having kids or being smokers and still there was more. OMG!  Be careful what you wish for eh?  No!  I got chatting to a variety of public servants, tradies, executives, whatevers.  Let’s face it they could tell me they were whatever they wanted to be and you know what?  I didn’t care. I was going to meet and greet as many as I could.  Unfortunately, work gets in the way of a good social life. Working afternoons, whilst this is great for trashy late night television and sleeping in is not so good for after work drinks.

As  a spur of the moment thing I met a guy for a drink on friday after work.  I hopped over to TnG for a drink and spent some time chatting to him,  He was ok but a bit quiet for me so he left and I stayed for awhile drinking in the tunes and then left by 0300 for home.  On Saturday I woke up feeling quite good.  I had coffee booked with friends in the afternoon and a date with some 31 year old government wunderkind who had been messaging me all week.  I texted around lunch to see if it was still on and was assured we were meeting at 1930 for cocktails.  Cool,  Anyway, as I was leaving the coffee afternoon the wunderkind sends a text saying his friend had an accident and he couldn’t make it.  Does he really think I was born yesterday?  I sympathised with him and said get back to me when you can but I am pretty busy and don’t know when I will be free again.  I think he has truly missed his time slot.  Having a Saturday night in is a rarity.  I did some cooking and snoozed on the couch watching free to air tv. I had the house to myself as FredAstaire and the clockie were out so all was good for me.  Anyway, I still had another date lined up for Sunday drinks and wanted to look nice and refreshed for that one.

The Musician was a very nice guy and not my usual type at all.  He was a little short, had a trimmed goatee and very thick dark hair.  He was also running late!  We met at Alchemy.  I started with my usual sav blanc and he had some designer label beer.  We chatted about all sorts.  He had lived here all his life except for when he went to uni and played in bands.  He was very interesting.  We had a few more drinks and talked of traveling and politics (well it is Canberra!) and we fixed the state of the world.  He was a libertarian and believes in free choice on everything.  We had some very lively conversation.  We kicked on to a very funky lounge bar – Polit  where we drank espresso martinis.  He leaned over and kissed me and his goatee tickled my lips.  Our date had spanned over nine hours and it was time for me to say goodnight as I had to be up for a brunch date in the morning.  I told the musician that I liked his company and would like to catch up again but it was time for me to go.  I liked him and do hope we may catch up again…watch this space.

This morning I woke with a head like a robber’s dog.  Damn that final sav blanc last night!  I dragged myself out of bed and went for a coffee date with the bodybuilder.  He was a brooding Eastern European and was built like a tank!  We sat and talked about how hard it was to crack a gig in this town.  He is very intelligent but is far too serious and probably wouldn’t approve of my consistent efforts to remain untouched by the colour beige.  I met with his approval and he would like to see me again.  I am unsure.  For one he doesn’t drink as he used to be a bouncer.  Whilst that is his choice I would feel his disapproval every time I had a drink and I don’t think I can be arsed with that. So…we shall see.

I spent the afternoon putting in applications for legal jobs and received a text from the traveller.  Traveller is an interesting IT guy (now that is an oxymoron).  We were supposed to have brunch tomorrow but after a series of texts and me having dinner with clockie before he took off to work, the traveller came to visit.  He lives only a suburb away. I promised I would be in my flannie jammies and slippers drinking tea when he got here and he decided that was a picture he desperately wanted to see!  When he turned up the clockie was leaving and I think FredAstaire had retired for the night to his retreat.  We had coffee and sat and talked whilst watching ABC.

The traveller and I have a lot in common.  One major thing in common is a complete aversion to having a boring life.  He had just returned from working overseas and had some interesting adventures to talk about.  We also attended the same university.  It is really funny in this town did you go to ANU or UC is something that is asked constantly (for the record we both did ANU)? He is not my usual type.  He has a wicked sense of humour which I really like.  I know he would like to see more of me (in more than one way)!  The one thing I get with this guy is the vibe that we could have a hell of a lot of fun!  He left saying that I should text him and I said that no, he should text me.

I have told all of them that whilst I am obviously looking for that one partner in crime that will rock my world and that I can be with forever, I am not going to settle.  I am also not going to put pressure on anyone for anything.  I am going to go out there and multidate.  I am going to see and sleep with whomever I like. I am a 40 year old woman who is not a nun and as long as I am not hurting anyone what the hell eh?

I have another date lined up for brunch on Wednesday, possibly drinks after work on Friday and tapas with another guy on Saturday.  Honestly, I have never been this popular!  I never believed the whole ‘Sex and the City’ phenomenon of dating numerous guys and then picking one or none.  I think I can get used to this.  It’s not about sex, it’s not about notches on the bedpost, its about exploring what I want.  For a long time I thought I knew what I wanted in a guy and now after being confronted with the smorgasbord, I am not so sure.  Yeah I want the obvious, someone who won’t cheat or lie to me, someone who loves me an intelligent, sentient being who finds me irresistible but what exactly is going to set the next guy out from the rest of the pack?  Hell I don’t know but I am going to have a ball finding out!

Until next time people, stay safe and if you can’t be good at least be careful!

The Jojogrrl


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