Jojogrrl aka The Floosinator!

Evening peeps,

Last episode saw the Jojogrrl heading out for a date this weekend.  Rekindling a connection with speed dater a meeting was set up for drinks after work on friday.  Spring had sprung (or so I thought as the weather is being very temperamental here) and so off I trotted to the beautician for a wax and buff.  As I said you never know your luck in the big city.

I dressed quite nicely not too sexy not too boring and headed to The Treehouse (bloody hell I think I should start asking for sponsorship from these joints lol!) I ordered a sav blanc and found a nice perch to await speed dater.  He turned up looking very handsome in casual attire.  We had a few wines and did the usual Canberra chat.  This consists of politics peppered with vaguely double entendered remarks and a dash of social conscience.  We had a light dinner and then over to Kingos for some more drinks.  This was when in our inebriated states we considered B52s should hit the menu!  After a couple of more drinks it was back to speed dater’s batchpad as I was in no state to drive.  Have to admit there was some premeditation here as he was cute and last weekend was a disappointment.

Can I just say, is there a formula for city batchpads?  Do all men who live alone have places full of drying clothes and sports gear littering every surface and big plasma screen tvs?  I am just wondering if this is a Canberra or Australian phenomena or whether it is the world over?  Anyway, fast forward to another blindingly disappointing fumble in the dark and morning had arrived.  We are having a little chat in the car as he had to drive me back to mine and we started talking about relationships in the general not the specific.  I said to him that he needed to actually have a look at himself and ask himself honestly if he has the time or inclination to have a relationship.  I said that relationships are optional extras in life and if you don’t really want one then don’t bother.  If your career and life is great as it is then be fine with that.  Don’t feel bad or let your family push you into something you either don’t want or are not ready for.  He seemed to agree with me that really he enjoys his life just as it is thank you very much and other than for an occasional shag or a handbag to work events he didn’t really need a woman.   That day he removed his profile from an online dating site I saw him on.

Oh my God!  I am a floosinator!  What does that mean? It means I really am systematically removing guys from the dating pool.  First the scientist, who says not only does he feel he does not need a relationship ever and is moving away but now the speed dater has removed himself from the pool too!  I feel I am now ‘taking one for the team’ or providing a community service to the sisterhood by removing these guys from the dating pool so as to not waste any of your time. No, don’t thank me, I am very community spirited lol!

So, without further ado, I hit up another website this week.  I put a quick profile up and you have no idea of the response!  I have now decided to explore the concept of multi dating in a big way.  I have had so many responses that I physically don’t have enough time in my week to fit them all in! Now that may sound a bit up myself but I have dates lined up from Saturday to Wednesday (is this Himbo Number 5 lol?)!

Multidating is a new concept to me.  I have always in the past only dated one person at a time but I am now thinking this is a big mistake.  By doing this I am not only putting all my eggs in one basket(case) but it puts pressure on from the beginning.  Plus when you meet guys from the web I think they expect the heavenly chorus to start up with ‘Halleluiah’ as the sun makes a halo around your face and they instantly fall in love.  Bullshit! There is lust at first sight but love takes time.

So, I have a cunning plan.  I am going to just go out with a bunch of guys and just hang out.  I don’t play games and when I am on a date I am myself but I have on occasion actually moderated my conversation.  Not anymore!  Any of you who know me know that I am pretty plain speaking (tactless my mother says!) and from now on I am going to say exactly what I think.   This may mean that I end up on 50 first dates or it may mean that I meet someone who appreciates this who knows?   I have also decided to take a reasonable age range here.  From about 31 – 45 not bad eh?  I have 5 chances for a second date this week coming or it may all come to the Jojogrrl’s favourite word – NEXT…

Until next time, stay safe

The Jojogrrl

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