Wanted – Mail Order Groom!

After a series of disasters that are supposedly relationships, I have decided to become proactive.  No more crappy internet dating sites or being set up by well meaning friends a la Bridget Jones.  I have decided to think big!  Not just content with the gene pool of Australia, I have decided to comb the world!

This, my friends is the inaugural post of the ‘let’s leave no stone on Earth unturned – I am going to find myself a partner if it kills me’ blog!

In the last decade I have lived in six towns in Australia and one international.  I have met all sort of ‘interesting’ prospects.  For example, the man who runs off with your best friend and leaves you in about $180K debt or the man that shags about behind your back and then tries to win you back by shagging you behind the girl’s back that he left you for whilst still being married (ha you will need to think about that one!).

I have done my time on the internet dating sites and some of that may become fodder for this blog as I illustrate to you that I am not unwilling to do the hard yards. I am happy to give people the benefit of the doubt but honestly, my patience with the male of the species is wearing thin!

Since men like specifications for most jobs here are mine and what you get in return.  I would like:

  • A man between the ages of 37-45
  • professional
  • preferably no kids (as no crazy ex on the scene)
  • At least 6ft tall
  • Caucasian i.e German or Northern European preferably
  • decisive
  • with a view to a permanent relationship / marriage

What you get:

  • 40 year old woman
  • qualified Intensive Care Registered Nurse and Lawyer
  • no kids
  • 5ft 7 (170 cm) tall
  • happy to travel or move anywhere or sponsor you to come to Australia

Dating is painful.  In fact, I think I would rather go to the gynaecologist than sit through some of the most boring nights of my life.  It was such a date quite recently that has set me to commencing this blog.  I agreed to meet a guy for a drink after work one night a couple of weeks ago.  He was 38 and looked to me to be the quiet public servant type.  I have to admit, I had had a particularly nightmarish day at work and probably should have cancelled but hey you never know if you don’t give it a go.  Anyway, I arrived and went to the bar and bought a drink.  I texted him and managed to find him, whereby he had already had a drink so we sat there whilst I drank mine.  We chatted and about half way through the date he says to me ‘Can I give you some feedback?’ WTF am I at a job interview?  So I say ok and he replies ‘In case you are wondering, I am just not feeling it (well let me tell you , neither was I but I am too polite to say this)’ He then goes on to say ‘You seem a little jaded.’  I felt like replying ‘That’s because I have to deal with pompous twats like you!” So, that was the beginning of the end of internet dating here in the nation’s capital.

I have decided that I will not wait for ‘The One’.  So in the words of the old adage – if you want something done, do it yourself.  So, gentlemen, don’t be shy, if you fit the profile my email is  jojogrrl73@gmail.com




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